• “Creativity becomes more visible when
    adults try to be more attentive to the
    cognitive processes of children than to
    the results they achieve in various
    fields of doing and understanding.”
    - Loris Malaguzzi .
  • “Childhood is filled with natural
    wonder and curiosity. The
    reflect a space that inspires a
    sense of wanting to investigate,
    to find out and to explore.”
    - Kathy Walker .
    learning environment must
  • coordination of ideas,
    and abstraction.... The
    central act of adults,
    therefore, is to activate,
    especially indirectly,
    the meaning-making
    together, into a fruitful
    dialogue, their meanings
    and interpretations
    with those children. “
    - Loris Malaguzzi .

Peacocks is a purpose built early learning centre that provides education and care for children aged between 3 months and 5 years old. Check out our other branches here in Auckland. [ click here ]

Peacocks is a Reggio inspired early learning centre.

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